Welcome to Tailored Touch Massage Therapy

You are amazing. Each of us is part of a greater web that would be poorer without you.

I offer others affordable massage as my part in this web of kindness, usefulness, caring and sharing; in the hopes and expectation that you pass that forward.

Your gift may be helping someone with technology, helping someone cross the road, supporting a local business, phoning a friend to check in on them, mending something, baking a cake, giving a compliment or sharing with someone what they mean to you. We each have gifts, and we each have limitations.

I receive great kindness from others, and get great pleasure seeing others happy and being all that they can be. This is the ethos of Tailored Touch; helping you to help others.

One thing I do really well is give a good massage, be that to help you relax or reduce pain or improve your wellbeing. As a result, you are more patient with the kids, you smile more, work is less stressful and you help your colleagues and customers more. Its just becomes this massive web of inter connected wholesomeness.

For £20, you get:
60 minutes of massage
Free consultation (5 to 30 minutes) before the massage to understand your needs
Clean sheet and pillow cases(and none of that paper nonsense!)
Relaxing music (or bring your own)
Access to a bowl of chocs (hey, chocs are important!)
You may also get a lecture about how awesome you are.

I ask for patience, respect, a little bit of practical help by not needing to carry a giant bag of towels on public transport by bringing your own towels(two large towels and a hand towel please) and simply that you wish to do something good for someone else.
I also do appreciate referrals, and online reviews!

To book a massage please call or text me on 07389 181 522 or email at massage@tailoredtouch.co.uk