How much does it cost?

There are two forms of pricing, the one without a catch, and the one with a catch.

Without a catch:
45 minutes – £30
60 minutes – £35
90 minutes – £50
120 minutes – £60

With a catch:
60 minutes – £20
The catch being that you have to do something nice for someone else.

What type of massage do you do?

I am trained in Swedish massage, Indian Head massage, Onsite Chair Massage and Reflexology, and usually I use a blend of techniques to give you the best outcome.

How do I book a massage?

Simply call or text me on 07389 181 522 or email me at

You can also book a timeslot on the Bookings page.

What should I bring?

Please bring two towels that you can wrap around yourself and a hand towel. If you can’t for health or other reasons, that’s ok as there are clean towels available, it just helps when using a cane not to transport a huge bag of towels across town.

Do I need to be undressed?

No. It is helpful for the area being massaged to be uncovered, and for most people it feels better during the massage. However, if you do not wish to be undressed or for a part of you not to be uncovered, it’s better for you to be relaxed and dressed than anxious, uncomfortable and undressed.

Breasts, genitals and derrieres will be covered at all times.

How often should I get a massage?

This would depend on the massage, any conditions you may have and on what you want. Indian Head massages are culturally a daily occurrence but if the massage is to assist with an injury, it’s beneficial to wait at least a few days between two sessions. For a general relaxing massage, you may prefer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly massage.

Can I talk during a session?


I’ve heard of people passing wind…….

Yes, everything relaxes. Passing wind happens, falling asleep happens, moans, groans and other noises happen. There is no reason to be worried or embarrassed.

When should I not get a massage?

Usually when there is something that is going to prevent you enjoying a massage like a cold, flu, fever or a contagious skin infection.
Some conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis may need an adaptation in technique. Other conditions may just require avoiding an area completely like cuts or burns.
Speaking to your doctors and getting approval regarding some conditions is a good idea, this includes cancer, certain heart conditions and pregnancy.

Do you do home visits?

I only provide this to those who are unable to get to my studio due to disability or if using a massage table is not a viable option and it is better to treat someone at home. This definitely requires discussion before booking.

How do I get to the studio?

The address of the studio is Studio 2a, Floor 6, St Margarets House/ Edinburgh Art Palette, 151 London Road, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE.
There is parking under the building that is free to use.
Alternatively, there are multiple buses that stop outside the studio including the numbers 4,5, 26, 44, 45, 104, 113 and 124.

What disability access is there?

There are two lift within the building, one of which access all floors. There are disabled toilets.
There are no clear markings on the outside stairs at the moment for those with sight impairments, in discussion with the building about this.
It is a bugger to get into the building if you come by bus and are unable to use stairs, but let me know and I will come out and meet you and show the the way.

Do you provide “happy endings”?

My customers frequently leave feeling more relaxed and happier.
However, there will be no contact with your gonads. You will instead be kicked out minus the cost of your missed massage.
Short and sweet – there are no intimate services provided.