It takes a special type of bravery to start a business. Here are a few small businesses, most local to Edinburgh, but a few further afield that may interest you.

Check them out, there are some fabulously creative people with some wonderful treats, treasures and gifts.

Gifts and Treasures

Dragonfly Designs and Crafts
Stacey is a genius of creativity and playfulness. Handmade, customised gifts for both children and adults at extremely reasonable prices.

Laser Geek
Colin brings out the geek in all of us, creating a diverse range of necklaces, badges, keychains and other things varying in theme from chocolate molecules to game cartridges and Firefly. If you have a geek in your life, you are sure to find a unique gift for them here.

Teenie Tings Terrariums
Mary as a delightful array of air plants for sale. These teenie tings are not always so teenie, but they make fabulous decorations for walls or displays. Easy to care for, and really great opportunities in how you choose to display them. Fabulous gifts or a treat for yourself.


Honeycomb Therapy
Victoria is a wonderful and very skilled counsellor in Edinburgh, who also is very experienced helping those overcome trauma. She does pet therapy too with her Dragon. Discounted rates are available for low income etc.


The Eco Larder
The Eco Larder is a new zero waste shop new to Edinburgh as of November 2018. They are a stones throw from Haymarket station, and well worth the visit with a few containers and jars for foods, soaps, gemstones and other things.

More on the way!